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04 September 2013 @ 02:21 am
Start of the season, end of the transfer window  
How is everyone happy with their teams first 3 matches of the season? happy/depressed/not sure
and how is everyone with what their team got up to in the transfer market this summer?

For me at least:
* Very concerned about Everton, not only because of the 3 draws in games that they should really be trying to win. We've failed to take our chances, we are not "clinical" as they say. Yes I know - I need to be patient, as Martinez is changing the system... but still - with all the criticism one might have had on Moyes - at least he's Everton was stable and punched above it weight (in performance and budget) year in, year out. I have a bad feeling that this year is going to be difficult... still I'm willing to be patient.
* In the end very happy about Martinez transfer dealings... it was always obvious Fellaini would leave, though a bit worried that we seem to be buying Wigan... one player at a time.